Deception Satan's Lethal Weapon Vol I Book

Deception Satan's Lethal Weapon Vol II Book

Deception Satan's Lethal Weapon Vol III Book

Lying Preachers Book

Heaven Is Yours "IF"



Deception Satan's Lethal Weapon Vol I Book

     Deception truly is Satan’s lethal weapon, and he is using it big time from the pulpits of the world. Are you deceived? Answer: you most likely are!

     This book is a no-holds barred approach to God’s truth, straight from God’s own lips. This book will open your eyes to truth, as God teaches it, throwing man’s traditions out the window once and for all times. God warns us all throughout His Word that false teachings from lying preachers will dominate the churches in this, the last generation. If you intend to make it to Heaven, this book is a must-read! The hour glass is running low. The sands of time are about spent. Wake up to truth! Man’s traditions will get you a ticket to Hell. Can you handle the truth? It’s very important for us to know truth from fiction. If the religion that you have been taught all of your life doesn’t fully align with God’s Word (not man’s made-up rituals and dreams), you have been lied to. Lies will not get you into Heaven.

     True Christianity is a reality, not a religion.

 Vol. I Book 236 pages

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Deception Satan's Lethal Weapon Vol II Book

     Deception is sweeping the world like never before and we need to know from God’s Word, what to do and what not to do during these critical and dangerous times. 

     In Deception Satan’s Lethal Weapon Volume II, author Jim Hill shows that deceptive sermons by undereducated preachers are running rampant in this the last generation. It is imperative for us to learn truth from fiction. The destiny of your soul depends upon you learning the true Word of God instead of lies and nonsense. This volume is one of several volumes in which you will learn that deception is Satan’s lethal weapon and he uses it perfectly.

     Do not be deceived! God warns us about deception throughout the Bible. We need to know God’s correct teachings, not the fantasies that are being so widely taught. 

     I am only a “true Christian layman,” but I have over 56 years of in-depth studies in God’s true Word. Many men and women claim to be scholars in God’s Word, but I can count on one hand the number of true scholars and have at least one finger left over. The others claim this and claim that but the chances of you hearing the absolute truth is slim and none!

     Come with me, let’s learn together. The time to learn is now.

Vol. II Book 282 pages                                                                                                                   "Shipping always free"

Deception Satan's Lethal Weapon Vol III Book

     This book is written for you, my dear brothers and sisters. Hopefully, you have learned the things that Satan expects of you and the things that God expects of you.

     Ignore Satan, but love our Father’s truth.

     You have free will to choose Heaven or Hell!

     Naturally, common sense dictates to all of us that Heaven is our choice and you will be bound for Heaven by learning God’s truth. God says “study to show yourself approved.”

     In Deception Satan’s Lethal Weapon Volume III, the author, Jim Hill, shows that Satan’s temptations and evil spirits will lead a person straight to Hell, if you choose to follow him. So, don’t do that!

     Great lengths and hundreds, if not thousands, of hours have been spent to bring God’s truth to you, my brothers and sisters. God cannot lie, Satan cannot speak truth.

 Let’s go to Heaven together. See you on the other side!


Vol. III Book 264 pages

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Lying Preachers Book

     God hates lying preachers! They are deceivers of the worst kind. They are not sent by God. They work for Satan, our worst enemy. Satan wants your soul and you must know the deceptive tactics that Satan uses to deceive you. This book will teach you of these tactics. Most of the lies that the under-educated preachers are teaching are coming directly to you from the pulpits of the world in the name of religion! Yes, lying preachers are a menace to our society and they must be exposed. This book will let you know that they truly are teaching false doctrines and they are teaching man’s traditions, which makes God’s Holy Truth void. Example: They are teaching the rapture, which is of Satan, not God. People must be leery of man’s teachings. (The word rapture is not even in the Bible!)

     Playing church can send a person to Hell. There is no room for error! The destiny of your soul is as serious as it gets.

     Let’s learn. Let’s go to Heaven! See you there!

     You must protect it. You don’t want Hell, do you? Of course you don’t!

     God will teach you how to never be deceived.


         The Lying Preachers Book 311 Pages

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HEAVEN is Yours “IF” 

     “If” everyone would follow our Heavenly Father, there would be no Hell.    In this book, the author, Jim Hill, shows us that “if” we all followed our           Heavenly Father, we would go to a peaceful, never ending, Heaven. We would be with our Creator forever and we would live in perpetual peace.
     However, people being people, rebellion is in their blood and along with Satan’s temptation, they are easily enticed to go the way of evil, thus following Satan straight through the gates of Hell. Why would they do something as silly as to follow Satan instead of our one and only true spiritual leader, our Lord and Savior?
     Our God wonders the same thing. With what God has to offer, it should be a no-brainer, shouldn’t it?
     God’s gift of free will divides the sheep from the goats.
     God will never attempt to buy love because He knows that true love cannot be bought.

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Surviving Satan

Deception is Satan’s lethal weapon; however, God has given us true

Christian’s power over all of our enemies—including Satan.

Are you aware of this?

For people who claim to be Christians, it does in no way, make them

a Christian. God teaches us how to be a true Christian. Only true

Christians will make it to Heaven. Only true Christians deserve Heaven.

Why? It is because they have met God’s requirements.

Jim Hill shows us in this book that by meeting God’s requirements, they

can and will survive Satan’s arrival at the sixth trump. To allow God to

share His knowledge with us is a wonderful gift, but it takes work on

our part. Nothing is free! This book will teach you, in simple terms,

how to survive Satan’s arrival on earth. This is the biggest prophesy

(event) that is provided in the Bible. This event is drawing ever so close

to the actual unfolding in this the last generation.

God’s Word is absolute. God’s Word leaves no room for debate.

Learn what God has to say; after all, He truly gets the last word.

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