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Compassion is the mark of a true Christian. This is written in God’s Holy Word.
God will bless you in return.

     Everyone in our organization is a volunteer and they do not receive a salary. (All donations are used to replace inventory). 

     We have many outreach programs. They are: (but not limited to) 

Highway of Life Senior Adults Outreach Program
     This program provides for a cuddly plush teddy bear to be given to our senior adults.
     Some senior adults in need, in many cases, are placed into nursing homes and just left there in their loneliness. Some of them receive very few (in most cases, none) visitors from anyone. We are bringing smiles to their faces along with tears of joy to their eyes.
(We have seen many of the senior adults, as well as the children, cuddle their teddy bears close to them as they sleep.)

Highway of Life Children’s Outreach Program
     This program provides a cuddly plush teddy bear (or other toys) to underprivileged, terminally ill, and orphaned children. All children love teddy bears, and this outreach program is designed to show the children that there really is someone who cares about them.

Highway of Life Prison Outreach Program
     This program provides gifts (that will bring great joy) to children whose father or mother (sometimes, both parents) are incarcerated.
     Also, we are donating books that we have published, to the prison libraries. Hopefully, when inmates are released, these books will give them hope for a much better life.

Highway of Life Free Thanksgiving and Christmas Meals

 Other programs will be added as needed.

 Your donation will help fund these programs that are so vital.

Note: You will receive a deduction form to use on your tax deductions as you wish. You may donate through our secure website using any credit card or you may also mail it to:

               Highway of Life
               P.0. Box 1168
               Gilmer, TX 75644

     Everyone that is affected by your donation will thank you and it will be appreciated very much.        God loves compassion and we do too. The recipients need to know that someone cares.

Highway of Life®, Inc.
PO Box 1168
Gilmer, TX 75644

Toll Free: 855 422-4354